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Fling.com Review

Overall 91/100
Local Search10/15
Last Login15/15
Free Contact15/15
Trust Rank5/5
Chat Board5/5
Instant Mes.5/5

Fling has a super cool name but that isn't the best bit - it's also the most popular adult dating site on the internet. It's no doubt so popular partly based on its attractiveness and partly due to the ton of members and their no nonsense, we want sex, attitudes. Flingcom; “World's Best Adult Personals” - the review.

Flingcom isn't really about dating and their open and honest about this, fling.com is about sex. Infact, fling are so confident their site will get you laid at least once in your first 3 months of paid membership that if you don't they will give you another 3 months for free. How's that for a guarantee/ sales pitch! You don't need to input many details when you create a profile, but then again, the most important detail is your picture. Due to the adult nature of Flingcom they let you choose to have a discreet profile which blurs your photo – this prevents people who you don't accept (add to your black book) from seeing your full profile.

Flingcm have lots and lots of profiles that include photos, which is great since you have limited access to profiles before upgrading. You can search all day long for free but as you can't englarge the photos past the preview pane you really need to subscribe to get a feel for the members. Once you've become a member the site becomes more of a social network. You can add friends to your infamous black book (top 8 myspace anyone?), invite someone to be a friend, instant message and more. This gives the site a community feel.

To better your chances of getting laid you need to upgrade to atleast the silver membership. It's price is competitive with most other Online Dating sites. You get access to video chat, black book aswell as sending and receiving messages. If you find that dating isn't for you and you're looking for porn then i'd recommend BangBusCom or if you're looking for the more artistic style of nude photography then you can't go wrong with femjoycom which is a leader in this niche.

So why Fling? They cut out all the bullshit. There is no need to make endless small talk with hundreds of women so you eventually get to the subject everyones thinking about; sex. With flingcom you know that the members are there for sex. No excuses, no apologies. Just everyone having a good time.

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