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28Aug 08

It’s not very uncommon hearing about the problem of loneliness by a senior citizen. Senior Citizens community and Bingo club have extinct now. These days, they are taking help of senior online dating websites to fight their loneliness and find their mate. The only thing needed is to have a personal computer and an internet connection. Senior dating website is a convenient way to pass your time and finding someone that is compatible with you. The essence is all this can be done right from your home.


The number of senior citizens using these online dating services has increased manifolds. Many senior citizens are unaware of using computer. So online dating becomes a learning experience for them which they see both adventurous and romanticizing. Soon their 8thstreeltatinas gets turned to a reliving exuberant experience which is remedial.


As senior citizen online dating websites are for the seniors who are generally using these kinds of services for the first time. So you will want to make sure that the site offers a good amount of security to them so that their information is not compromised in any way. There exists a great possibility that someone may fool around them because there are plenty of scammers available on the internet. And the senior citizens may end up into some big forgery. So it is advisable to them that they seek to some well reputed senior dating service that have years of experience. Because first of all these site are authentic to whom they can easily trust. Moreover they are set up keeping them in mind. Consequently they will provide them the best of services and will properly look after their interests.


Before signing up for these sites, senior citizens are expected to gather some information about them by reading some of the reviews of its previous members. There are many websites that gives you a free trial period of some days. All dating websites are based on a central idea but there features and different. So it advisable to sign up for more than one such site. This might help you to choose which site is good for you.


Once you have logged in all you need to do is to scrutinize other member’s profile and finding the one who suits you. This might be a beginning of a new relation that may last long in your life. But be cautious while enjoying your freedom.


Senior online dating service is a brand new venture which is yet to be explored. There are so many possibilities in this area with so many things that is yet to be done. Moreover it brings a whole new world to the lives of seniors who at one stage has lost all hopes and were lost in the darkness of solitude. Online dating gives you a new life and reminiscence of your youth days.

One of the greatest ways of meeting people and knowing about them is online dating. It is absolutely harmless and helps you to find your partner. You can easily see if that person has the qualities you are looking for and if yes you are on the right track. But it is worth commenting that it is not that easy as it seems to be. Everything does not go as slickly as you may have perceived. Like traditional dating, there do exist ample of difficulties that may hamper all what you have dreamed. All what is expected from you is that you should know how to counter these to make things keep going. Let’s see some of the setbacks that most of the people experience.


Setback #1: Your profile is not getting any response.


There is an utter chance that in spite of giving so much thought and time your profile is not the one that is popular. What you consider as appealing is not what other thinks of.


Actually your profile tells much about you and your expectations. So it is advisable to take your time while writing one. Expand your answers because no post on your profile means that others are not able to understand you clearly. So tighten your belts and start working on your right profile from the beginning.


A few mistakes on our online profile can be: usage of rude language, presenting yourself as fastidious, sounding unenthusiastic, absence of your picture, or using any foul illicit words on the site. Are you a victim of this? Not so sure! Then go and look your profile once. Always try to be honest.


Setback #2: Online flirting doesn’t really seem working for you


You had some winks exchange. Occasionally there might have been talks where you flirted and enjoyed. But ultimately nothing good comes out of it. If it ever happened to you then there is no need of panicking. Sometimes it may happen that your profile doesn’t appeal to that person with whom you flirted or he/she might want something else. There is a slight possibility that he/she may have found someone else. After all we all look at different profiles in online dating.




It’s important to learn to accept being rejected by someone as you might have faced in your real life. In fact I believe online rejection is easy to digest. Common you never met with this person then how could be you so serious. Just move on and find someone else. There are plenty of profiles.




Setback #3: profile no longer exist




This is one of the most common things that many people complain. You started well with a person and everything was looking good between you until that day when you find that he/she is gone. Gone like the wind! This happens mainly because most of the people go into conversation with many people at the same time. And when they feel they have found one they stop talking with others. Now if you are the unlucky one who is rejected then just forget what happened and try finding someone else.


You might have experienced a slight variant of the above fact. You visited a profile, liked it and wanted to talk with that person. One day you gather all the courage that you have and with a firm determination decided to post a message to that person if he or she is interested. But to your amazement you find that profile no longer exists. Then don’t worry that person might be a fraud

Most of the men around the globe are unaware of how to treat women. This is primarily because they do not know some of the minor details they ought to know. Every women look for genuine care and love from his mate. One who can treat her like his queen, pamper her whenever needed and fulfilling all her demands.


Women want security from his man. She needs someone to look upon in difficult times. Women are mostly sensitive who seek for a man to whom they can trust whole heartedly. Studies show that women generally tend to like those men who are self confident, independent and have some moral. Showing disrespect or any form of disregard to them is a real turn off to them. Those who are confident and have the right attitude are the leaders in game of love. But at he same time you must take care that you aren’t rude to them or you should not sound arrogant.


In addition, you should aware of the needs of your woman if you don’t have it in you then this is the area you should work upon. Mostly men are impatient and they did not pay any heed to what they want. They didn’t listen what they are saying or asking for. And this is definitely not a good thing to do.


When it comes to dealing with woman you should look compassionate and considerate enough. Maintaining a right mixture of manliness, integrity and intelligence is the key to drag any woman towards you. At least if you have these qualities then soon or later you will find the woman of your dreams.


The next thing you should know is that who is suitable for you. In other words what qualities do your woman must have so as to be compatible with you. The intention is to find out who is tempting to you? If you already have some image of that woman then it would be much easier for you to locate her. But it is not that easy as it looks. There are so many women having so many similar characteristics which make your task difficult. One think to keep in mind before approaching the woman you are interested in you must boost up your confidence and look that you have all good traits to make her feet off the ground. Just remember success comes with simple approach.

Moving on from a divorce is really difficult. In order to forget the recent breakup we just tend not to date others to avoid being hurt again. Being alone is not good, that’s why online dating is a good choice because it’s easily available and makes you anonymous to other people as well. The only time that you will tell your true identity is when you feel that you already found the right person that you have looking for. This is why online dating is great start for newly divorced people. Here are helpful things that you may consider.


Take Things Slowly


Don’t rush yourself. Patience is really important because this is crucial in finding the right person and the qualities you are looking for. Take the time to know more the person you’re dating. Get to know their personal life just like your first marriage. This way you get to know more the person and at the same time you must also let him/her know you as well. Compare what you have in common, likes and dislikes. Just take the time because there’s no harm in being sure.


Be Careful


Dating online poses a great risk especially on your personal life so don’t take the risk by divulging easily your personal details like real name, home address, contact number and other personal details that may be associated with you. Do not give in easily on other people’s requests, make sure that you already know the person you are talking to. Always think that it’s a potential risk for you and your family if your identity is stolen by other people.




Decide first if you want to engage in long distance relationship. Ask yourself if you really want to get attached with the person. Is it worth your time to get to know this person? Will you ever see him/her? Take note of these things before making actions on your online dating activities. Location is really important because when the time comes that you both must meet in person there’ll be no hassles on both part. Try to focus on people who are not too far from you.


Just take note and follow these simple tips to easily move on from your earlier divorce and start a new love life. This will make your online dating ventures smoother. This is why online dating is one of the best ways to for divorced couples to begin a new relationship.

The cyberspace is considered a dangerous place for people to interact with other people because of uncertainty of some online profiles. People are free of whatever they want to say about themselves so it really depends on you to find which ones are telling their true identities. This will help you in finding the right partner that you’re looking for. Here are some tips that you can use to reduce online identity fraud and risk of online dating.

1. Protect Your Identity: Avoid using your real names on your dating profiles, on chat rooms and while using instant messengers. Don’t ever try to post your phone number, home address and things that can identify you. Or you may just use a P.O. box if the address is really required.

2. Use the services of email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and Hushmail to create anonymous email accounts. Sometime a dating site may have in-house email service try also to use that.

3. Try to ask for more photos to ensure that whom you’re talking to really send their own pictures. If possible try to ask for their latest photos.

4. Getting a phone number: Always ask first their number before you give your own. Block your caller id when you call. Use a phone directory assistance to make sure the phone number is a legitimate one. Try to call the number between 8 pm to 11 pm because if it is always turned off or there’s an excuse for not answering the one you’re calling maybe married already.

5. Block as much as possible people who you think are not legitimate. Don’t be afraid that you may block a legitimate one but there is no harm in being sure.

6. Follow your instinct. Always seek answers to your questions just to make sure you’re dealing with the right and legitimate one. If the person gets into sexual things immediately most probably he/she does it also with other people as well.

The internet will be able to help you in finding the right person for you but always use your head in order to protect yourself and become successful in finding who you’re looking for. It all comes back to you if you weren’t careful and easily gets involve with someone else even without much research or investigation.